What is a class library / DLL A class library can be seen as a container for code that can be used in different applications. The DLL files saves a lot of space on your hard drive because different application cn use the same code instead of having its own set of duplicated code. modulization



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W3 css

Validate HTML CSS syntax

W3 Web validator If you wonder why validate my HTML you should take a look at this: Why validate


programs are basically written in any editor. a simple notepad or an advanced Integrated Development Environment (IDE). We call the code you write source code. A good IDE is usually as important for the programmer as good quality tools are for a mechanic. An IDE will assist the programmer while he...

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Embedded Computing: Using a Raspberry Pi

In calss we use a Raspberry Pi and the sense hat

The Rapsberry Pi comes in different shapes and but they all fit the sens hat which is a collection and sensors and LED's fit into a single thing you can attach to the pi's IO complains

Sense hat tutorials



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