c# programming TypeScript REST services IoT Python RaspberryPi Azure Cloud


This is the plan for 3rd semester programming:

Week number Topics
Week 37 Course introduction, Brush-up exercise, Git version control & Github
Week 38
Week 39 More webdevelopment and publishing to Azure / the cloud
Week 40 Webdevelopment Programming in TypeScript
Week 41 Webdevelopment Using Rest service with TypeScript api.evang.dk/docs
Week 42 No lessons - autumn vacation
Week 43 Clud-based REST services (Azure)
Week 44 Mock exam and more REST services
Week 45 Continious Delivery
Week 46-47 IoT Raspberry Pi and Python
Week 48-50 Interdisciplinary project
Week 51 Mock Exam.

Exams will be 7-10/1 2019 - meetinglist.pdf