c# programming Object Oriented XAML UWP WPF Apps

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This is the plan for 1 semester programming



Visual Studio download it from http://dreamspark.easj.dk Resharper - an Extension for Visual Studio

Weeknr Topics Homework
Week 36 Introduction, Greenfoot Download and install JDK and Greenfoot
Week 37 Trip to Hvalsø, Hello World C# Install Visual Studio from dreamspark
Week 38 Code organisation, Types, Variables, Type conversion, Simple I/O, Arithmetic, Logic, Functions Read chapter 1+2
Week 39 Object Oriented Programming Chapter 7
Week 40 More programming, Control statements, data structures
Week 41 Debugging and code quality
Week 42 Fall Vacation
Week 43 Advanced Object Oriented Programming
Week 44 GUI, XAML and databinding
Week 45 MVVM Architecture
Week 46 Persistence I/O and Exceptions
Week 47 Asynchronious Programming
Week 48-50 Working on projects in teams
Week 51 Project handin and course recap

Exam dates: 14-16 january | Exam Questions: examConstructionJan2019.pdf